Social Responsibility Projects and Sponsorships


cevre2Mutlu Batteries places utmost importance on the protection of the environment, fulfilling all related responsibilities. This care is diligently applied in every aspect of a battery's life; engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, usage and recycling. With quality and environmental regulation system certificates issued by independent international authorities, Mutlu sets an example in the industry.
Surrounded by a natural habitat, Mutlu facilities is home to a flock of peacocks, living in a 206,000 square meters field. We believe these beautiful birds represent our company, a living proof of our nature and technology hand in hand philosophy.


Mutlu Batteries sponsored "MARTI", mutlu_gunesa vehicle produced by the students of Technology R&D Club at Istanbul Marmara University, as part of their SOLAMAR Project. 
"2008 Tübitak Formula G" race took place in İzmir Pınarbaşı on 31st of August. Solar vehicles' race was as exciting as conventional races, minus the motor noise and exhaust gases. All the interesting designs by the students were definitely worth seeing.


evMutlu Batteries provided VRLA batteries to the Solar House Project of Diyarbakır Municipality and United Nations; coordinated by the State Planning Agency. The batteries were used to store energy in the solar panels.
Diyarbakır solar house is an important and noteworthy effort for implementing a rather simple design; yet creating living conditions using natural resources. Realized in the southeastern region of Anatolia, the project is a first step towards education of public on the uses of solar power.




Mutlu Batteries is one of the leading companies in Turkey which actively support motor sports and education of drivers. From 2000 on, we have organized the Mutlu Cup for three consecutive years, where amateur racers received special training from partner racing school educators, learning about safe driving techniques. Mutlu Cup's aim and motto was, "Race on the tracks, not on the roads".
mutlu_selcukIn line with our belief in sports as a means of healthy development for the younger generations, Mutlu Batteries has been supporting Konya Selçuk University Basketball Team as its main sponsor for the last three years. The rationale behind our decision to support this particular team was based on the fact that Mutlu Batteries Selçuk University Basketball Team is a university team –it can not be categorized as one of the many other professional teams competing in the Turkish Beko Basketball League. Our aim is not just to be a sponsor of a sports team, but actively support that institutions endeavors; as in this case, we aim to support all universities and young people, through the example of Selçuk University. We also provide support in other sports fields, such as sailing, automobile and off road races.



Mutlu Batteries invests in the future of Turkey, bycemil_turker_ilkogretim_okulu giving utmost attention to one of the most important fields in the corporate social responsibility arena: Education.

Our corporation is proud to support various universities' research and development studies, student projects which display endless creativity and talent, solar and hydrogen energy powered vehicle projects, and specifically, an initiative at one of the Turkish universities that aims to provide building lighting by solar power.

We are also proud with our involvement in the Diyarbakır Solar House Project, a showcase for alternative energy sources available in Turkey. This project is also noteworthy for being the one and only project financed by the European Union and designed in accordance with energy architecture principles. We are truly honored to be part of this project by providing the VRLA batteries for the solar house. 

To support education furthermore, Mutlu Batteries opened Cemil Türker Elementary School in Akfırat in 1987; a 12 classroom school bearing the name of our founder. 430 students receive education every year at Cemil Türker Elemantary School.