Traction (Pzs / Industrial) Batteries

traksiyonerThese are the batteries produced with tubular positive plates design to perform high power. They are used for lifting, carrying, electric vehicles, packing platforms, automated vehicles and some special DC operating systems. Besides being used for forklifts in general these products, with their perfect cycle speciality and high power march start capacity, have different variations such as on-flammable box type and, to be used for diesel locomotives and wagons.  AIR- MATIC type is also being produced on customer demand.

They are lead-acid batteries design to perform high pulling power, long life, deep cycle, continuous charge-discharge cycle and with options to ease the maintenance and charging.

The tubular positive plate design provides long life, high porosity with low intensity letting the electrolytes transfer specialities with the high quality microporous separators located between positive and negative plates. These batteries are used to provide motive power for all electrical vehicles operating in any kind of lifting and carrying (forklifts), Man Lift and Access Equipment, vehicles operating in industrial line, diesel or electrical vehicles used in railway systems, wagon lightening, automated vehicles, and some special systems where continuous charge-discharge cycle is required.

Especially in the closed fields where environment is a sensitive issue traction batteries are used in any kind of stacking, stacking systems.

AIR- MATIC type is also being produced on customer demand. In this system air is being blew into the battery as to mix with the acid so that charging factor is decreased which gives the opportunity of saving on time and power.