Environmental Policy

cevreWith declining natural resources and growing populations, environmental policies and their applications are becoming issues of great concern to all of us, local and worldwide. Mutlu Batteries embraces its social responsibilities; the company is dedicated to set an example among the industry with active efforts to protect the environment for the growing generations. Our environmental policy places utmost importance to "clean production by employing environmentally safe technology".

Mutlu plant is located in the outskirts of Istanbul, away from pollution created by the city. The plant incorporates modernization, automation, waste recycling facilities and aspiration systems, which in return allows us to reduce pollutant levels under 1/10th of legally mandatory limits. Same systems also help keep the emission levels under the limits.

We keep fuel emissions throughout the plant at minimum levels by using natural gas, one of the most environmentally friendly fuels. We also give great importance to wastewater recycling, a must for environment protection, by employing a modern, and adequate wastewater recycling plant. Mutlu Battery's wastewater recycling plant is built on a 1225 m2 land with a 340 m2 indoor space.

"Efficient use of natural resources" is another important issue of our environmental policy. Our one of its kind plant in Gediz-Kütahya holds a recycling plant license issued by Ministry of Environment and Forestry. At this plant, we recycle used batteries and the lead battery waste, creating new economical gains. Recycling capacity of this plant, which is also an environmentally friendly facility with filtration and wastewater recycling systems, has been increasing in line with production increases. Our company's initiative towards protecting the environment was awarded by ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate in 2002, and the certificate has been renewed in 2005 as 14001/2004.

Battery Waste Management

In accordance with the European Union adjustment laws, The Ministry of Environment and Forestry issued the Public Act on the Regulation of Battery and Accumulator Waste (RBAW) for the protection of environmental and human health, published in the 25569th edition of official gazette dating 31.08.2004.
This regulation assigned responsibility to battery manufacturers, dealers, sellers, services, consumers, battery waste carriers and recycling facilities.
The greatest responsibility in the following of the regulations lies with the battery manufacturers.
Mutlu Batteries embraces this responsibility, and has been actively working with the Association of Accumulator Manufacturers and Recyclers Industry authorized by Ministry of Environment and Forestry (Article Number: 03/226; Date: 11.01.2005).