OEM Products

sarj_havuzlariMutlu Batteries –with sister brands Çelik, Povver, Golden and Halk batteries manufactured at the same plant– is the leading brand in the local market with 40% market share. The sales figure for starter batteries accounts for 85% of the total local sales; and the same battery sells around a staggering 2 million units outside of the local market. 80 to 85% of automotive industry demand is supplied by Mutlu; and in lead-acid industrial batteries, Mutlu's market share is 80%. 
Some of our customers are major players in their fields; such as, Ford Automotive Company, FIAT - Tofaş, Toyota Turkey, Toyota England, Oyak Renault, Renault Persian, Hyundai, Mercedes, Isuzu, Otokar, MAN, TEMSA, TEMSA Industrial Machines, Kanuni Engine Limited, Anatolia Industrial Machine Limited, FNNS, Çukurova, Turkish Army, Turkish Telecom, TCDD, Iron and Steel Factories, İ.E.T.T, Turkish Electricity Institution, DSİ, and various public and private coal companies.

Mutlu Batteries offer and execute a 2-year-warranty against any manufacturer's defect; uretim5yet, due to our technological investments, the rate for such defects is down to 0%s. In addition, to increase the quality of after sales service, Mutlu has established customer support points located all over Turkey whose staff is educated and monitored by the head office.  
Mutlu Batteries is represented by a web of 5000 dealer and sales points in Turkey, a system perfected with 50 over years of experience. 73 of these are main regional dealers, whose locations were determined with geographical factors in mind, to provide the best and the fastest service to our customers.