International Alliances

ihracat_starter_akulerIn 1982 besides being one of the few Turkish companies establishing commerce and selling battery in Russia; one of the harshest markets; we were also one the companies which provided foreign currency flow for its homeland. Mutlu proved its quality in time and began to do business with automotive industry as selling batteries to them. For many years Lada and Moskovic cars left the facility after production with Mutlu adjusted on them. After the break up of SSCB we began directly exporting to the parting Countries. Our export line began with Poland and today includes 25 countries such as Russia, Benelux Countries, Germany, South Africa, Greece, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Azerbaijani, Ukraine, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Taiwan.

30-40% of our production is being exported and the main portion goes to Russia, Turkic Countries, CIS countries. Besides the starter batteries, our stationer batteries; varying between 100ah – 3000ah; are also being exported to CIS Countries and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The telephony centrals and the Baykonur Cosmodrome is operating with these products of ours.

Since 1990 we annually attend several Automotive,fuar1 Automotive Spares and Accessories Exhibitions in Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, Turkic Countries; as we already do in Turkey; to increase the brand recognition and strengthen business relationship. We proudly  represent Turkish Accumulator Industry in Russia and Turkic Countries by attending Turkish Export Products Expositions every year. In 2002 we exported to FIAT Italy facilities by contact of Tofaş. We are proud to be announced as a supplier by FIAT for being approved to meet the quality and Fiat specifications. In 2005 we began to supply batteries for the facilities of Toyota England and in 2007 Renault Iran.

Competition in the global market increased the awareness of product quality and after sales services and forced the producer to meet the goal of Total Quality. Because our batteries and our after sales services are in far better quality than competitors Mutlu earned the brand recognition in the global market and our sales, circulation has reached to 60m USD.