Industry Alliances

uretim2Mutlu Batteries is a leading export company. In 1982, Mutlu was among the few Turkish companies that could break into the "unwelcoming" Soviet Union market and succeeded in bringing a high amount of foreign exchange into the Turkish economy. In time, our high quality product range has enabled us to become a supplier to many automotive companies outside of Turkey, like Lada and Moskovic. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Mutlu has established direct export deals with the newly formed countries. Today, we are selling batteries in over 25 countries; such as Poland, Russia, Benelux countries, Germany, South Africa, Greece, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Azerbaijani, Ukraine, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia and Taiwan.
We export up to 30-40% of our total production, mainly to Russia, Turkic and CIS countries. Export range includes starter batteries, as well as stationary batteries (100AH-300AH), exported to CIS countries and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Telephony switchboards in these countries and the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan are in operation with Mutlu's stationary batteries.
In order to introduce our brand to new foreign markets and reinforce former relations with customers, we have been participating in various automotive, auto parts and auto accessories trade shows, local and international, since 1990. We proudly represent the Turkish battery industry at the Turkish Export Show in Russia and Turkic countries, year after year. In 2002, Mutlu became a supplier to FIAT plant in Italy through Tofaş. After a careful evaluation, our batteries received approval by FIAT in terms of quality and technical specs. This achievement was followed by supplying Toyota plant in England in 2005 and Renault plant in Iran in 2007.
Competition in the global market increased consumers' awareness of product quality and importance of after sales service, enforcing the manufacturer to aim for "total" quality. Mutlu's relatively exceptional performance in terms of total quality helped its brand to establish its name in the global market with annual sales of over 60 million dollars.