uyariAll batteries contain lead and lead compounds and other chemicals. To prevent serious health problems, please make sure to wash your hands generously with soap and water after handling a battery.
When working on or near batteries, it is important to wear protective glasses, gloves and a face shield.
All batteries generate highly explosive hydrogen gas. Therefore adequate ventilation systems are needed in all charging areas.
Make sure to keep all sorts of elements or activities which may cause combustion -such as sparks, flames, burning cigarettes, welding, friction and electrostatic discharge- away from batteries at all times. Otherwise, accumulated hydrogen may inflame and explode. Another point that requires utmost attention during maintenance of your battery is to always disconnect grounded cable first and connect it last to prevent dangerous sparks. 
Disconnect the negative (-) polar cable first for dismounting a battery from your vehicle and connect positive (+) polar cable first for mounting.
Do not connect or disconnect "live" circuits. To avoid creating sparks, always turn charging and testing equipment off before attaching or removing clamps.
Do not tilt wet-cell/flooded batteries more than 45 degrees. These batteries contain a solution of sulfuric acid which may cause severe burning of the skin. In the case of contact, clean the affected area with plenty of water and soap. If your eyes are affected, flush out with water and immediately seek medical help.  
Never lean directly over a battery while boosting, testing or charging it.
Never attempt to charge a frozen battery; allow it to warm up to 15°C before placing on charge.
Do not connect the battery before checking the voltage level.
Keep all batteries out of reach of children.
For optimal performance and maximum safety:
•  Battery case should be clean and dry.
•  Cable connections should be tightened and corrosion free.
•  When applicable, check the water level, and add distilled water if necessary. Never add     acid. 
•  When not in use, always keep a battery fully charged.
Carefully read and comply with the instructions provided by the owner's manual.