Essential Information

Durability and reliability of batteries under extreme conditions:
In contrast to common knowledge, not winter cold, but summer heat cause more damage to a battery. The best way to protect the battery from extreme temperatures is keeping it fully charged. A periodical check for terminal corrosion, loose battery and cable connections, and keeping you car in a closed garage during the cold seasons –especially at nights– will contribute to a long term high performance by your battery. 
Vibration is the most common cause of battery problems. It is important to check that your battery is properly mounted and all connections are squeezed tight. Mutlu's custom made plate design and special composition alloy, facilitate a better performance for Turkey's extreme weather and road conditions.
It is highly recommended that you do not heat or try any other method from hearsay to revive or reinforce a used battery; as these methods may cause leakage, explosion or fire, causing harm to your vehicle, but most importantly to you.